Welcome back for another beauty tip with Director of Beauty, Joseph Allaire. From time to time, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with the twists and turns of life. Things feel unbalanced and we lose touch. However, there is a way to encourage the restoration of balance.

Specific scents help channel certain energies and feelings. When creating our new candle collection, Light and Ignite, it was important for each candle to evoke the meaning associated with its symbol through scent. In turn, lighting the candles in corresponding rooms can help channel their meanings throughout your home.

Nautical Anchor: Hope, Tranquility, Stability – The living room is where you go to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends. Light the Nautical Anchor candle to promote calmness, lifelong bonds, and positivity.

Path of Life: Strength, Motivation, Knowledge – The study/home office is where you go to accomplish and conquer. Ignite the Path of Life candle to foster power, inspiration, and productivity.

Four Leaf Clover: Blessing, Fortune, Prosperity – The kitchen is where great things happen; where food, family, and friends come together. Burn the Four Leaf Clover candle to bless this sacred space with love and good fortune.

Tree of Life: Hope, Conservation, Growth – The hallway is the passage that connects you to other rooms and people. Light the Tree of Life candle to promote love, warmth, and positive energy as you move throughout your home.

Lotus Peace Petals: Illumination, Beauty, Resilience – The bathroom is where you prepare yourself for the day ahead. Light the Lotus Peace Petals candle to encourage beauty, strength, and the confidence to accomplish great things.

Turn Peace Up: Kindness, Tranquility, Liberation – The bedroom is where you go to rest and recharge. Ignite the Turn Peace Up candle to foster serenity, peace, and the power to make a difference.

Mood truly is a powerful thing, so why not channel a positive one through scent? Burning candles in rooms that correlate to their meanings promotes a balanced state of mind and maximum flow of positive energy.


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