Looking for a symbol to bring forth your inner goddess? Our Apple Blossom Charm Bangle represents the abundant love and peace within us all. The apple blossom has long been regarded as a symbol of everlasting love for oneself and others. It teaches us that if we follow our hearts and achieve inner peace, love will create a glowing aura around us and positive things will follow.

Below are some tips to honor your inner goddess by being true to your authentic self.

1. Spend time with yourself in thought. Consider who you want to be, what you want your voice to be and what you want to experience. When you realize your true passions, you enable yourself to control your own destiny. You will then gain a loving sense of pride from the daily choices that reflect your authentic self.

2. Identify your fears and face them. Make a list of all your fears and then recognize that they do not exist outside of your own mind. Energy follows thought, so free your mind and peace will follow. Every time you have a fearful thought, remind yourself to switch gears by replacing your illusions with realities.

3. Stop judging. Vanity and criticism will never know a peaceful heart. When we judge others, we’re acting out of selfishness by presuming that we are right and they are wrong. This vanity creates a roadblock in our growth. Respect the opinions and choices of others as they navigate their own path. Love more and life’s limitations will vanish along with your fears and regrets.

4. Love yourself and others. We’ve all heard it before. You must first love yourself before you can love others. Learning to love unconditionally takes time and requires a constant, conscious effort. When you honor your passions and let go of fear and judgment, you create a pattern of affection. By keeping a positive mind and a kind heart, you will discover a form of love that radiates from within and shines on those around you!


Wear the Apple Blossom as a reminder to embrace your true passions and greet every day with a loving, open heart. To compliment the Apple Blossom’s energy, wear it with its natural colors of soft pinks and earthy greens. Also, try pairing it with the Oyster for truth, rebirth and purity or the Mermaid for femininity, love and mystery.

The Apple Blossom Expandable Wire Bangle comes in Russian Gold and Russian Silver and is $23.00 with this month’s promotion.

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