Let’s set the scene: You just finished enjoying a beach day with your gal pals and the sun is now setting. You quickly begin to realize how beautiful the sky looks, but notice your girlfriends are snapping the same shot of the sky. How is your Insta post going to compete when your friends fill the feed with all of the same shots? Here’s how to achieve the perfect summer Insta while staying unique and original!


Strike a Sunset Pose – When the sun rolls out of the sky and beautiful colors fill the atmosphere, don’t just snap a picture of the horizon. Instead, have a friend snap a photo of you in the photo with the sunset. Make the sunset the true focus, and allow a dark silhouette to fall over your figure. Strike a cool pose and practice your best yoga move – this picture is sure to wow your followers.


Flatlay that Brunch – Everyone knows that food is the best thing to Instagram. People typically tend to take photos of their plates at the angle that they’re looking at. Be a little daring at the restaurant; stand up and take an overhead photo of your meal. For aesthetic, add in your favorite pair of sunnies and your friend’s meals.


Candid Camera – Taking group photos are a great way to capture a memory forever. But posting a typical group photo can be a little boring sometimes – spice up your feed with a cute candid or funny moment! Have whoever is taking the photo put the camera on burst mode, and have a great big laugh with your friends for a natural shot. When you look back at these photos in the future, you’ll feel the same type of happiness you did when you were taking the photo!


Catch New Angles – Maybe the sunset at an event is absolutely stunning against the kayaks docked peacefully over the lake. Or your Starbucks mythical-rainbow-unicorn-dragon-mermaid creature Frappuccino is sparkling in this lighting. You can still take photos of the normal things in your life, but try new angles. Center your coffee-treat or place it next to a pretty desk plant. Capture that gorgeous glow with a unique lens flare and some trees. Don’t forget sometimes those seemingly imperfect moments make for the prettiest pictures.

Now that you have these tips, you for sure will slay the Instagram game this summer. Don’t forget that the summer is always best spent with your phone turned off when you are with your friends, but it’s never a bad idea to capture those special moments too. Show off your photos by tagging us at @alexandani on Insta – we’d love to see what your summer looks like!

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Sarah Viens
Written by Sarah Viens
A twenty-something post grad learning how to navigate life’s paths. I’m a Jr. Digital Content Associate who touches a little piece of everyone’s pie including content curation and do-it-yourself projects #RecycleRelove. My best friend is my dog, so it’s clear to see why my favorite quote to live by is, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened” by Anatole France.