Welcome, August! A powerful month marking the final stages of summer. This is a motivating month that guides you to the finish line of self-reflection before the energy lines up to set your passions outward. Check out this beginner’s breakdown of this cosmic month.

We’re starting off this month with powerful Leo energy. This means the energy is aligning with everything Leo is — confident, kind, optimistic, and energetic. This is a good time to focus on your passions, relationships, and where you are channeling your energy. Then, on the 22nd, the zodiac turns to smart-minded and earthy Virgo, allowing your emotions to dwindle down from Leo and guide you towards levelheadedness. Think about a creative project you are passionate about in early August, and set it forth at the end with the help of sharp Virgo.

The August birthstone is peridot — a reminder that the future is yours to create. This month especially, wear this vibrant green stone to remind you of how creative your life truly is. Whether you are being analytical or artistic, creativity is about creation and a unique perspective. This stone provides emotional balance as you weave together the future you want with the cosmic energy around you.

Soul Number
August is associated with the soul number eight — a powerful number of success and abundance. People who embody this number marry the spiritual and material aspects of life, and are able to create successful businesses and careers. They are talented, motivated, driven, and know their abilities. Channel this number when you want to ignite a fire within you to turn your dreams into reality.

Weave Your Destiny
Each day this month is a powerful opportunity to work with the energy the cosmos are providing. Pick an intention and focus on it every chance you get (you can learn how to set an intention here!) Reflect on the things you hold dear to your heart, and release the things that weigh heavy on you. This month is aligning to aid you in whatever transformation you wish to create for yourself.


Eclipse season is full force, and the new supermoon and partial solar eclipse on the 11th invites new beginnings, unexpected blessings, and exploring your heart’s deepest desire in a profound and powerful way. Eclipse season invites you to do act as the planets do — since the moon and the sun line up and create a shadow, your shadow or subconscious get brought to the surface. What is in the darkest part of your subconscious can be brought to light, and what you truly want can be revealed. This marks an excellent place for self-discovery!


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