This cosmic-packed month is here to show you the final steps you need in order to set out your magic. With a supermoon and partial solar eclipse closing eclipse season, a powerful and abundant grand trine, and Mercury and Mars going direct, August will guide you to the finish line of what you want to do with fortitude and self-awareness. Breathe deep babies, this month is going to be a wild ride.

August 6th — Venus enters Libra
The planet of love and pleasure, Venus, enters loving Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus naturally, so when this transit happens, love tends to be at the forefront of our minds in the most harmonious way. Libra is all about relationships and beauty, so now is the time to really reflect and indulge in these aspects of life. Think balance, light-heartedness, serenity, flirtatiousness, maybe getting a new hairdo.

Since Libra is all about equality, fairness, and balance (the symbol for Libra is the scale), unbalanced relationships may be apparent. The next few weeks are about nourishing the out-of-balance to achieve the ultimate peace. Enjoy this time of sweet, sweet charming love. Doll yourself up, embrace your flirtatious charisma, and nurture your relationships.

August 7th — Uranus Retrograde in Taurus
Uranus, the slow-moving planet of freedom, unexpected change, and forward thinking goes retrograde for the next five months. Usually, Uranus impacts your outward situations by aligning you with different life events. When it is retrograde, that sudden change happens within you instead of through an outward force. This time is all about reflection and a higher awareness of your relationship with change and whatever your definition of freedom is. You may find yourself questioning why you want to change or why you fear it. Or, you may think about the change that has happened since the beginning of the year and how it impacted you.

Change can be jarring and scary, and it is necessary, profound, and absolutely divine. Reflect on your relationship with change and let the winds of transformation carry you forward with gusto and strength.

August 11th — New Moon in Leo, Partial Solar Eclipse, and Supermoon
Eclipse season is full force, and this new supermoon and partial solar eclipse invites new beginnings, unexpected blessings, and exploring your heart’s deepest desire in a profound and powerful way. What is in the deepest part of your subconscious can be brought to light, and what you truly want can be revealed, making it a truly profound and excellent place for self-discovery!

This particular moon and solar eclipse are in Leo, the fire sign that loves to be seen, making the focus be on how we show up and come off to others. Eclipses usually tend to bring up old wounds so they can be healed. Note what kind of situations you find yourself in, and act through integrity. What happens during these weeks will have major impacts on your life for the next six months. Remember — healing looks messy sometimes, just like when our physical bodies heal. Just breathe through it and watch how you blossom into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

August 13th — Mars Enters Capricorn
Mars has been retrograde since May 12th, and this retrograde mars now enters the hard-working, driven sign Capricorn. Remember, when a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backwards and the energy of that shifts. Since Mars is the masculine planet of action, force, assertion, and energy — setting things out may have come to a standstill since May. Feelings of anger may have flared up and wanting to fix “mistakes” in our past might have come up.

This energy will now be directed at work, past projects, or general life-path. My advice? Replace the idea of mistakes. There are no such thing as mistakes, but rather they were opportunities to grow, gain wisdom, and transform. Let go of the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” and replace it with the empowering idea of wisdom. Use this time to reassess projects at work and make sure they are exactly how you would like them, and reflect on your goals and ambitions and make sure they are what you truly want instead of what you think you should want. Be very mindful to not fixate on fixing problems or obtaining your goals. Life is meant to be enjoyed — see how far you’ve come instead.

August 19th — Mercury Direct and Jupiter Neptune Trine
Since July 26th, Mercury has been retrograde. Congratulations — you made it though! I told you it wasn’t going to be bad. Now, the cosmos have blessed us with a Jupiter and Neptune trine. Trine is a very harmonious line up that makes the planets dance well together, bringing us blessings on blessings. This transit will give you all the confidence, luck, and serendipity in the world. Note the ideas and visions you cook up during this time — they are good ones. You may feel like nothing can stop you and that confidence is amazing. Just keep yourself grounded when your head is in the stars and you can firmly set out your visions.

August 23rd — Sun enters Virgo
Happy birthday, sweet Virgos! This year is going to be especially magical for you with your solar return happening while a Grand Trine happens today, too. We will all benefit from this Grand Trine of the Sun, Saturn, Uranus all in Earth signs that will last until September 1st. Remember that a trine is an extremely harmonious transit of the planets. This time invites ease, luck, and power.

Even if you are not a Virgo, you will feel the impact of the Sun in Virgo. Virgo season invites us to pay attention to detail, get organized and clear, and spend some time in service to others. Think about the ways you can share your energy to impact your loved ones, community, or the world in general, and spend time sending it out!

August 26th — Full Moon in Pisces
Powerful and profound Pisces is the water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition. This full moon is extraordinarily spiritual — it calls on you to release what is weighing heavy on your soul and connect with the divine. When the moon is in Pisces, it channels all that healing energy Pisces brings as well. Feel all your emotions, release by laughing, crying, dancing, singing, and then nourish yourself.

This moon invites you to infuse your instinct and intuition with your hard work and passion. It is perfect for those who are worried about getting something out in fear of self-doubt. Work through your feelings tonight to make space for new beginnings and blessings on blessings for the next moon cycle.

August 27th — Mars Goes Direct
Today, Mars, the masculine planet of action, force, assertion, and energy goes direct. All that inward processing and reassessing is now going to serve you. Manifesting and setting things out now comes with ease. Take the lessons you learned while Mars was retrograde about how you show up and assert yourself, react to anger, and what you are setting out. Now is the time to fully show up, and set it you passions outright.

How do you plan to rock this month’s cosmic energy? What days are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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Ani Ferlise
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