Have you ever wondered what pieces are Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder and Creative Director’s, all-time favorites? From bangles, to necklaces, to earrings, there’s so much to choose from, and we’re excited to share her list of perfect gift choices as well as personal picks.

The list features a mix of our Precious Metal Collection, Bangle Bar, Charity by Design, Color Palette, Spiritual Armor Wraps, (+) Color, Glitz and Garland, Spark of Revelry, Words Are Powerful, and even our new candle collection, Light and Ignite!

We hope this helps you find the positively perfect gift this holiday season!

Smoke Flare Beaded Bangle
Violet Sunburst Bangle
Slate Glisten Beaded Bangle
Red Sea Bead Bangle
Swan Charm Bangle
Jet Flapper Bracelet
Smoke Tinsel Beaded Bangle
Cocoa Flare Beaded Bangle
Eye of Horus Charm Bangle
Live In The Moment Charm Bangle
Midnight Blue Caviar Beaded Bangle
Penguin Charm Bangle
Ice Flare Beaded Bangle
Cocoa Glisten Beaded Bangle
Fleur De Lis Charm Bangle
Cocoa Tinsel Beaded Bangle
Compass Charm Bangle
Ice Glisten Beaded Bangle
Cupcake Charm Bangle
Turn Peace Up Charm Bangle
Graphite Tinsel Beaded Bangle
Skeleton Key Charm Bangle
Amber Flare Beaded Bangle
Ladybug Charm Bangle
Gold Glisten Beaded Bangle

Euphrates Small Endless Hoops
Emerald Love Earrings
Fringe Earrings
Crystal Illumination Earrings

Nautical Anchor Large Candle
Tree Of Life Votive Candle
Four Leaf Clover Votive Candle
Turn Peace Up Large Candle

Prism Rock And Raw Wrap
Peacock Feather Wrap

Jet Flapper Necklace
Smoky Topaz Flapper Necklace
Black Diamond Flapper Necklace

Hand Of Fatima Expandable Wire Ring
Eye Of Horus Spiritual Imprint Expandable Wire Ring

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