Moisturize your skin like never before with our Scent 7 Soap Bar. Inspired by ancient alchemy, and scented with warm spice and sweet floral undertones, Scent 7 Soap Bar is crafted with essential oils that embody the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. When balanced, these four natural elements assist in harmonizing one’s chi. Earth stabilizes, air calms and regenerates, fire stimulates the power of the heart, and water purifies. Created with shea butter and coconut oil, Scent 7 Soap Bar effectively nurtures the skin, increasing hydration and thoroughly cleansing the body. Invigorate your senses and lift your spirit with each use.



Scent 7 is an awakening – an alignment with the natural world. Formulated with a unique balance of elements and influenced by the chemistry of attraction, this scent harmonizes your core, encouraging you to fulfill your heart’s desires. Alex and Ani beauty products empower you to create change by re-energizing your spirit.

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Brendon Cunha
Written by Brendon Cunha
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