This past November, Alex and Ani Owner and Designer, Carolyn Rafaelian and CEO Giovanni Feroce went overseas to visit the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design for a Trade Mission in Israel!

Carolyn and Giovanni took time to visit the Jewelry Department where they met the students, viewed their work and projects and even provided some insight! The Trade Mission was successful in developing partnerships where participants, including Alex and Ani, were introduced to Israel businesses and culture. More visits and business development will lead to job creation, friendships and stronger relations between Rhode Island and Israel!

Below is a photo from the Trade Mission of Leonard Rosenblatt, Creative Findings LLC, Giovanni Feroce, CEO Alex and Ani, Carolyn Rafaelian, Owner and Designer Alex and Ani, Erica Zap, Owner Designer, Erica Zap Designs.

l-r Leonard Rosenblatt, Creative Findings LLC;Giovanni Feroce, CEO Alex and Ani:Charolyn Raffelian, Owner Designer Alex and Ani; Erica Zap, Owner Designer , Erica Zap Designs

Want More?

For more information about Shenkar College and the Trade Missions,! For more information about the New England Chapter, click here!

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