We are becoming an eco-friendlier world…and just in time for Earth Day!

Alex and Ani has always held true to being an eco-friendly company by using recycled (refined and reused) metal in our jewelry.  We take pride in being an overall “green” company, right down to our biodegradable and recycled paper packaging.  Over the years, this trend has caught on, and now more than ever companies are answering the call of eco-minded consumers.

We are thrilled to see companies, such as Seven Generation, a maker of non-toxic household cleaners, announce their newest environmentally safe product – Detergent in a cardboard bottle.

Let’s keep this green movement going, and make eco-conscious changes every day to save Mother Earth! Purchase the Alex and Ani Tree of Life Bangle and 10% of each sale will be donated to the African Rainforest Conservancy.

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