As we all are inspired by many different things in life, Alex and Ani makes its way to the top of many of our lists. Many of us are also inspired by those around us and we meet so many people on a daily basis that encourage us to stay strong and keep us moving in a positive direction. One of the most genuine gifts that I have seen and heard of people here at Alex and Ani doing is taking their bangles from their personal collection and gifting someone while they are out. This isn’t something that is required by any one of us here at Alex and Ani, it is simply something that happens when we are moved or touched by an encounter we have had with someone. Many times people will be admiring the collections we all have and when you see the excitement cross someones face it just comes so natural to many of us to take off a bangle of ours and share our joy and inspiration with that person.

Alex and Ani’s Affinity Account Executive, Colleen Fugere was out one evening in East Greenwich and was very moved by a story she was told and she gave her Live bangle to this young woman Sara to encourage her to stay strong. A few weeks later Colleen recognized this same young woman Sara at the Courtney Shae Salon in East Greenwich, RI. They began to talk and by the end of the conversation Colleen’s Everything Happens for a Reason and Mother Mary Bangles had become Sara’s. The meanings behind these bangles – Trust, Fate, Confidence, Grace, Compassion and Hope, all hit close to home for Sara. The excitement and true appreciation from Sara is what really made this experience a genuine one from the heart.

The photo below is of Courtney and Sara at the Courtney Shae Salon in East Greenwich, RI.

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