Your holiday shopping list is written — you’ve even checked it twice. Your mom is on it, your girlfriend, and uncle Arthur too, but do you recall the most famous forgotten gifts of all? No worries, we do, and we’re here to help!

It happens every year, you finally get home from the shopping rush, crash on your couch, sigh in relief — and then it hits you. You forgot the babysitter’s gift! Whether your child’s coach or your hairstylist, follow this guide to successful gifting, and your forgetful woes will be a thing of the past.

Your Child’s Coach

Is your child the next sports star? Either way, we’ve got a bangle for practically any sport your heart desires! From our Team USA Collection to our extensive MLB and NFL selections, choose whichever one best suits your child’s coach.

Your Hairstylist

All year long, she’s preserving your locks to their fullest. Now, it’s time to honor that bond you’ve forged amidst hair tools and serum. Our Kindred Cord Collection is great for practically every person in your life, and the super cute seasonal charms, like Shine Bright and Wonder Woman, are sure to please.

Your Work Bestie


Chances are you won’t forget to buy your bestie something, but what about the most esteemed member of your work fam? Your work bestie! Perhaps you haven’t known each other all that long, but the connection you feel is priceless. The Wings Set of 2 is a wonderful way to show you care and allows you both a piece to honor your newfound friendship.


You’re Not-So-Distant Relative

Your mother, father, sister, and brother are shoe-ins, but what about your godmother or aunt? These other influential women in your life deserve to be shown some love too. Our Because I Love You Collection has something for each of them and truly depicts the greatness their presence bestows.


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Kourtney Maglione
Written by Kourtney Maglione
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