In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we at Alex and Ani are focusing our (+) energy on manifesting the luck of the Irish! It is at the core of our belief system that every individual has the power to create their own luck and craft their own destiny through (+) energy and intent. If you remain open and look for luck in new possibilities, you will find it! Our thoughts and behaviors determine the kind of energy we attract so we must actively maintain our positivity and believe in the existence we wish to achieve.

It’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook, especially in tough times. Our Alex and Ani jewelry acts as spiritual armor to protect us from negativity in moments of weakness and to remind us of our intent through the symbols and meanings. To channel good fortune this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, adorn your wrist with the Four Leaf Clover bangle. An ancient symbol of blessing, fortune and prosperity, the Four Leaf Clover is meaningfully surrounded by the four seasonal alchemy symbols to ensure luck all year long!


Other symbols of luck include the Ladybug and Seashell. Evoking (+) energy and harmony during its’ ephemeral existence, the Ladybug teaches us to let go of negativity and enjoy life’s experiences to the fullest. Seashells connect us to the ocean’s energy. They remind us to trust our intuition while supporting us though life’s tides with the promise of fortunate outcomes in all areas of life.

Looking to focus your (+) energy on a more personal level? Experience our collections online or visit an Alex and Ani retail location today.

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Brendon Cunha
Written by Brendon Cunha
A guy with a passion for weaving words, I enjoy reading novels, sipping iced coffee, and indulging my Disney obsession. I am the Senior Editorial Copywriter who develops content for the blog and mobile app. My favorite quote is: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney