Calling all fashionistas! We are proud to announce a partnership with luxury department store chain, Bloomingdale’s, that showcases our product online like never before.

Going off of the “Shop Within A Shop” concept available to our B2B partners, Bloomingdale’s has uniquely branded us for their online shoppers. When a customer finds Alex and Ani on their website, they will be met with an immersive experience much like that of a B2B partner’s physical store.

The product categories on the landing page are accompanied by editorial and lifestyle imagery.

Editorial and lifestyle imagery are featured on the Alex and Ani landing page of Bloomingdale’ to convey our mission. Also, when a customer views an item, they will find a scan of the specific product’s meaning card, which they would normally receive when purchasing in a store. A meaning card accompanies each product and allows the customer to learn about the piece and/or collection, the meaning behind it, etc.

The meaning card for the Fleur de Lis Bangle.

We are excited for this distinctive partnership with Bloomingdale’s and look forward to the full brand experience it will provide to our fans!

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Brendon Cunha
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