Thank you all for sharing your stories and inspiring us and the world to keep strong, keep fighting and to stand up for a cancer-free world. We are surely filled with love, as we received these submissions from Alex and Ani employees and fans. “WOW!” is all we can say. We cannot think of a better way to end a Friday work day than to sit back and read these inspiring posts. #perspective

Here are the love filled messages that prove how we are all interconnected, came together to shared our stories, and show that we are standing up to cancer every day of our lives.

Alex and Ani Supporters

Tyrone Almeida: #istanduptocancer for mu Auntie Sandra A. Almeida u will always be loved and missed. U too Nana love and miss u too.

Darnessa Almeida: #istanduptocancer for my mother, she was diagnosed non-small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung in Nov 2010 and passed away Jan 15, 2011. The entire time I knew she was afraid but just like any mother her biggest concern was me. She didn’t want me to be afraid. I was and I still am! She was my biggest supporter and motivator. She would say every day, “just take it one day at a time”. And as each day gives me trials I remember to “just take it one day at a time”. I miss her so much. Sandra A. Almeida 7/22/61-1/15/11

Monica Taylor: Every day I #stand up to cancer.. My dad had prostate cancer my cousin whom still fights the battle of colon cancer and the recent passing of my uncle whom had cancer as well.. I refuse to let this attack my family any longer…My prayers not only go out to my family but to all out there who struggle with this everyday…xo

Gayle Buccini Becchetti: #istanduptocancer for my father who lost his harrowing four year battle to head and neck cancer on August 8, 2011. And also for my mother who is a breast cancer survivor and my husband, a melanoma survivor! We fight til we win!

Holly Lamplume: I stand up to Cancer by creating my own team and walking in Relay for Life (3rd year) and this year I’m walking in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for the very first time.

Valerie Vivas: My father died from esophageal cancer 19 yrs ago at age 75. My mom was a breast and colon cancer survivor, she passed away last Dec from a stroke at age 90. My sister is a 3-year breast cancer survivor at age 63… So I Stand Up 2 Cancer every minute in their honor! I also made a donation by purchasing holiday cards from ACS this morning.

Sheena Parker: My dear friend is standing up to cancer every day that she goes to chemo/radiation/blood transfusions. Her smile never waivers and she never stops seeing the positive in ppl and planning her future. She already stood up to breast cancer and won. Now she will fight another battle and I will be right beside her along with many other people to show her love and light.

Tamara Beth Laplante: I lost my beautiful & courageous daughter…she was only 13 years old to cancer…she fought cancer two previous times and defeated this horrible disease…last August she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma…she endured two long 10-12 hour surgeries to remove tumors…one on her leg…and over 80 nodules that had spread to her lungs…this cancer couldn’t be beat…tumors grew all over her body this past August in a matter of 2-3 weeks…she lost her battle on August 26th,,,my sister n law had written you a letter requesting Alex & Ani to make a special bracelet that had the quote ” Not Afraid” on it…my daughter was never afraid of this horrible disease…she battled it like a true warrior…please consider making this bracelet in honor of my hero…my daughter, Brielle Elizabeth Laplante…thank you!

Katie Schmalberger: I #standuptocancer for my Sweet Caroline Grace who at just 14 years old lost her battle with brain cancer. She never once stopped smiling, laughing, and loving life. The strength she had through her fight and what she gave to me is a gift I am beyond thankful for. Alex and Ani’s Charity by Design Elephant charm takes on a whole new meaning for my family and me.

Michelle Harter: I lost my Dad to this disease one year and seven months ago yesterday, I will do all I can to fight this disease.

Christine Phelps: I will continue to fight every day!

Sally Parente: Join Free to Breathe RI … Lung cancer 5K walk/run in Providence on October 20th. That’s how I’m standing up to cancer!

Kerryn Gerety: #istandupfor my mom: who lost her battle to cancer last month but whose love, strength, and sense of humor is with me every day. 

@Ashleyymoniquee: #istandupfor my Sandra , my grandmother who in 2009 lost her battle with cancer , I wear my @AlexAndAniUSA ‘Hope’ bangle in honor of her

@SomeonesAngelx: @AlexAndAniUSA #istandupfor My mother who was taken too young at 57 from Lung Cancer. I know support the cause with the Free to Breathe Org.

Alex and Ani Headquarters

Kara Sasso: I stand up for my amazing friend Shannon…she lost her battle at 27 to colon cancer, but still to this day she inspires me to live and love unconditionally…she once told me she “was truly blessed to be able to see the world through the eyes of cancer, what a wonderful and beautiful world it is when absolutely nothing gets to me…nothing is bad enough to ruin my day… I wish everyone could see the world through my eyes right now”…. She taught me to stay strong, and more importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff, life is a precious gift, LIVE IT!

Sari Palletier: I stand up for my Uncle Bill who left a legacy of love, courage and selflessness.

Maricarmen Echeverry “I stand up for my aunt Victoria who died of cancer 21 years ago but fought every second of her existence for her I will stand up”

Marissa Silva: “I stand up for my best friend who beat cancer twice, lost her mom to liver cancer and is still the most positive and inspiring  person I know”

Amanda Barron I stand up for my grandmother Marie who throughout her 8 month battle with pancreatic cancer was still the most genuine, inspiring, and positive person I’ve ever known. I miss her words of wisdom and optimistic outlook on life every day.

Tina Osborn: I stand up for Gail Sullivan, my dear friend who passed away last month after her 9 year battle with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable cancer.

Omar Ajaj: I stand up for all of my family and friends. For those who have fought and won, and those who have fought till the end.

Melissa Carden: I stand up for my Uncle Jimmy, who is very special to my son, and is currently fighting small cell lung cancer.

Gina Jackvony: I stand up for my grandfather who battled cancer at a young age and won his battle, but continued to suffer from permanent effects for the rest of his days. He taught me that through it all I will come out stronger then I went in.

AnnMarie Gibson: I stand up for my darling “Mum” who survived breast cancer, but passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2011.  “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Teresa.  My Mum smiled a lot. 

Susan Soares: I stand up for my courageous mother who battled cancer three times with grace, beauty and amazing strength. Daily in my thoughts and forever in my heart<3

Dana Sugarman: I stand up for for one grandmother who passed from cancer and my other who bravely fought and thank god is still with me. I also stand up for my 3 childhood friends 2 of who fought and serviced cancer under the age of 20 and another who fights breast cancer as we speak, she is 33. I also stand up for my step-grandfather whom passed this week.

Cyd McKenna: I stand up for my best best friend Alleis who, though long gone, had a smile and spirit that’s imprinted in my consciousness forever. Love you buddy!

Kara Cullion: I stand up for my grandfather, who battled bone and lung cancer late in life, and taught each one of his children and grandchildren that your legacy is measured in how you give back to others and help those who are less fortunate. The first thing anyone says who tells me they knew my grandfather is “he was the best – he’d do anything for anyone”, and it makes me proud to be his granddaughter.

Meg Carpinelli: I stand up for my two Aunts and Uncle who died from cancer and those fighting the fight!!

Kylie Harwood: I stand up for my grandfather who fought cancer for four years before losing his battle at the age of 64. He taught me to never take life too seriously and to live each day to the fullest.

Rob Rainville: I stand up for my uncle Ray who died too young at 56 years old from Cancer.  He fought for over a year through chemo, radiation treatments, etc. and was proud man and offering words of advice until his last moments.  I will always remember his competitiveness, guidance and strength and that’s why I named my son after him!!  My little Ray carries his legacy on….that’s how I stand up!

My Little Ray Carrying on the Legacy

Emily McKenna: I stand up for my Auntie Cam who taught me the power of words and proved that every day is an opportunity to learn & to love.

Stephanie McGill: I stand up for my Dad who has cancer now and inspires me every day to fight back and not lose hope.

Kathleen Burton:

I stand up to cancer by running a marathon in honor of my mother who has CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) and raised over $6000.00 towards the cure….she is still going strong at 75yrs old!!!  I’m so blessed.

I stand up for my Dad who has Prostate Cancer and still going strong at 78 yrs. Old!

I stand up for my girl friends who have Breast and Ovarian Cancer at the ages of 42 and 45 yrs old and are survivors!!

I stand up for my aunt who died 28 yrs ago from Breast Cancer.

I stand up for my grandfather who died from Throat Cancer.

Tina Lamarche: I stand up for my family members and friends that I have lost to cancer in memory of their bold, beautiful spirits and for my aunt who has beaten this awful disease with perfect grace and positivity. 

Claire Lundgren: I stand up for my mama dukes and all other superwomen who have fought and continue to fight breast cancer.

Michelle Thornhill: I stand up for my grandpa who encouraged me not to transfer from my college despite my extreme homesickness.  He told me that nothing is harder than leaving your family to pursue new adventures, but that it will make you stronger after going through with it.  Four years later and after graduating, I am still out here, staying strong for him.

Margaret Batting: I stand up for my sister who no matter how bad she feels never lets anyone down.  She inspires me every day!

Arielle Rarick: I stand up for my step dad who died of lung cancer, my grandfather who has been in remission for 4 years and my aunt Elaine who has been in remission for 6 months.

Roxi Harrison: I stand up for my best friend Jennifer who is in remission for a year.

Madison Malloy: I stand up for my mother who lost her brother to brain cancer.  She has taught me strength, grace and Love.

Amy Tetreault: “I stand up for My Grandmother “Nonnie” who was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year at the age of 84, for her strength and resilience to overcome,  and has been cancer free since her treatment last month.”

Nonnie’s CharmedArm

Michaela Shaw: I stand up for my dad who is battling pancreatic cancer and is still the strongest man I know; his strength inspires me every day.

Alex and Ani Red Bank

Katherine Mercellus: I stand up for my aunt.

Jax Cowles: I stand up for the people in my life affected by cancer, the bravest and most inspiring people I know.

Stephany Hesslein: I stand up for my cousin who fought and beat cancer, she inspires me.

Jon Pal: I stand up for the three relatives I have lost to the horrid illness, my uncle and my two grandparents who were always my favorite people.

Amelia Durrazo: I stand up for my cousin Melissa who was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been in remission for the last 5 years.

Laurie Durante: I stand up for my Aunt Ginny and my Uncle Jim who passed away from this disease and are now my angels in heaven.

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