We recently had two opportunities to visit PeaceLove Studios, home of our upcoming Charity by Design partner, PeaceLove Foundation. This amazing organization offers acceptance, unity, and love through the healing power of art to those suffering from mental illness. PeaceLove was co-founded in 2010 by Jeffrey Sparr and his cousin Matthew Kaplan after years of Sparr searching for peace of mind and control of his debilitating OCD.

Their studios are housed in Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Upon entering, you feel an immediate sense of tranquility. The space is open and inviting, with bright artwork adorning the walls and eye-catching furniture, such as a paint brush shaped clothing rack. Suspended high above it all is a giant PeaceLove logo, which is, as Sparr puts it, “…the simple combination of the peace symbol and a heart, signifying peace of mind and love in your heart.”

PeaceLove offers several workshops, programs and series. We had the option to one or both of the following sessions:

Session 1:

Amy Kinney discussed recovery as it applies to her personal journey with depression and anxiety. Using expressive arts, we learned how creative expression can facilitate mental wellness in every person’s life. This also included creative calisthenics.

Session 2:

Jeffrey Sparr, co-founder of PeaceLove Foundation, shared his story about battling OCD and discovering the healing power of expressive arts. We also took part in the ‘Paint4Peace®‘ workshop that is an experience intended for anyone who is hoping find peace of mind through creativity.

We look forward to our upcoming Charity by Design partnership with PeaceLove Foundation and hope Sparr’s powerful message continues to change the lives of people everywhere for years to come!












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