Yesterday and today, Alex and Ani Charity by Design and Hasbro Children’s Hospital will help spread awareness and generate excitement for the September 24, 2011 Walk for Hasbro Children’s Hospital, with “The Walk Rumble Campaign.” The third annual 5k walk will take place in September throughout the scenic Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI. This lunch time walk campaign aims to get employees pumped for the Walk Rumble.

The Alex and Ani Bangle Bar was set up where the HERO Expandable Wire Bangle was the main feature, promoting Inspiration, Courage and Admiration. As you know, Alex and Ani Charity by Design has teamed up with Hasbro Children’s Hospital to create the HERO charm. The charm, which encompasses all of the different audiences that the Hasbro Children’s Hospital caters to, allows for everyone to identify with this powerful word.

For more information about the Walk on September 24th, click here

Take a peek at some of the Bangle Bar shots from the event! xo


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