On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, we were thrilled to welcome the 2014 National Ambassador of March of Dimes, Aidan Lamothe, and his parents, Jill and Dave Lamothe to World Headquarters! They were here to celebrate the recent launch of the Special Delivery Charm Bangle, which benefits March of Dimes, and for Aidan to show our Charity by Design team his official ambassador video, which chronicles his amazing journey.


Aidan was born 12 weeks premature and weighed just 3 pounds. He spent 7 weeks in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) before going home with his family. Now, at the young age of 6, Aidan understands the seriousness of premature birth and is proud to be the 2014 National Ambassador for March of Dimes. He said his mission is to help families who are going through the same thing that his family did. Aidan is excited to travel the country and educate others on premature birth as well as help raise funds for the cause.

After viewing the ambassador video, Lauren Bettencourt, Charity by Design Brand Communications Manager, gifted Jill Lamothe the Special Delivery bangle in blue in honor of Aidan.


Aidan then met Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder, Creative Director, and Chief Executive Officer (feature image) and asked her to sign his autograph book that he travels around the country with. He even drew a picture of himself on our dry erase wall especially for her!


We also welcomed two local March of Dimes ambassador families today to celebrate the launch of the Special Delivery Charm Bangle and view Aidan’s video. Our Charity by Design team recently gifted these families the bangle on the day of the launch.

It was a truly inspiring morning for all of us at World Headquarters. Thank you to the Lamothe’s and the local ambassador families for joining us on this special day. Help make a difference in the lives of families with premature babies everywhere by adding the Special Delivery bangle to your charmed arm today!

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