Referred to as the “City of Love,” Paris is linked to all things romantic. From the gorgeous Lourve Museum and stunning Eiffel Tower, to the charming streets and beautiful language, it’s one of the most visited cities in the world.

Fashion/style blogger and longtime ALEX AND ANI fan, Brandy Preston, and real estate agent/business account manager, Cornelius Miller, eloped in the Eiffel Tower Gardens this past summer, and their wedding was covered on However, their love story became extra special long before that day when Cornelius asked Brandy to marry him using a custom engraved ALEX AND ANI bangle! Get the scoop in our interview with Brandy below.


How long have you been a fan of ALEX AND ANI? Was your first bangle a gift or did you purchase it yourself? Which symbol was it?

I’ve been a fan of ALEX AND ANI since around 2012. My first bangle was a gift from my now husband. It was the Compass Charm Bangle – “Know what you seek, and your path will become clear.”

What’s your favorite thing about ALEX AND ANI?

Let me just say that ALEX AND ANI bangles are so addictive – you can’t just buy/wear one! My favorite thing about ALEX AND ANI is you can express yourself in a meaningful manner through the beautiful charms. The bangles are versatile, can be stacked with other ALEX AND ANI bangles or any other type of watch/jewelry, or simply worn alone. They also have a luxurious look and feel, which draws attention.

What’s your #SymbolRightNow and why?

My #SymbolRightNow is definitely the Dream Big Charm Bangle. I absolutely love the description of this bangle as it truly resonates the space I am in right now. With clarity, I’m being very intentional regarding the things I would like to accomplish in my life. I am speaking those things into existence with positivity and faith that my dreams will come true.

Describe the moment when Cornelius proposed. Were you surprised at his creativity using an engraved bangle?

Cornelius planned a date night for us – a sightseeing helicopter ride over the city of Atlanta. I’d been wanting to do it for a while, so I was excited! He isn’t a big fan of flying, so of course he was earning cool points for being so accommodating. During the flight, we didn’t do too much communicating as we both were soaking up the beautiful views of the city. I was completely captured by the experience and did not notice any awkward behavior, so imagine my surprise when we landed and he offered me a gift. I was taken aback, but I was not complaining when I saw that it was an ALEX AND ANI bangle (he knows I LOVE ALEX AND ANI). But then I read the back, which was engraved with the words, “Marry me” – OH MY GOD! I was SO surprised that he used an ALEX AND ANI bracelet to propose. It was so very thoughtful!

Which bangle did Cornelius have engraved? Does it have special meaning to you and/or your relationship?

Cornelius proposed with the Claddagh Charm Bangle. This is special to us as it symbolizes the sharing of our hearts and giving one another our very best to make each other’s lives better. As we travel through life, we’ll learn, play, grow, and live together through the love that we share for each other.

What was it like getting married in Paris? Was it as romantic as it looked in your photos?

Paris is undeniably the “City of Love.” As cliché as it may sound, if I had to describe my experience with one word, it would be “fairytale.” Everything from the culture to the landscape was absolutely magical! It was all we had imagined it would be and more. In fact, it was even more romantic than what’s shown in our photos.

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