Summers spent alone can be filled with discovery. These five ideas will help you reconnect with yourself.

Your #summergoals: To embrace solo experiences that leave you awakened and renewed. These five ideas will inspire you to discover everything summer has to offer and also take advantage of some soul-fulfilling “me time.”

Attend a concert. Head to the closest sunny amphitheater that’s holding a free or inexpensive show, and rock out alone. Revel in the freedom of dancing like nobody’s watching (they’re not). Without your usual squad in tow, you can navigate the crowds with ease—so make your way to the front and sway with other music lovers.

Hit the beach. Between the sun, surf, and seagulls, the shore is the perfect place to relocate your center. Go early and pack a yoga mat, a healthy breakfast, and a page-turning good book. Or show up right before sundown and plant yourself in the sand near the water’s edge to meditate, enjoy the breeze, or jot a journal entry.

Leave town. Traveling alone may sound scary. However, with proper planning, it can be fun and emotionally rewarding. Choose a destination where you can relax, recharge, and explore. Look for outdoor excursions, historical tours, and spa amenities that cater to solo travelers. Be sure to document your adventures, whether with words, pictures, or both!

Take yourself to new (or old) heights.  There’s something special about being elevated that screams freedom and provides the opportunity to gather your thoughts from an entirely new perspective. Retreat to your favorite rooftop or find a peaceful hill to enjoy the view.

Find a souvenir. Over the course of the season, treat yourself to a small trinket to remember the summer by. It could be a meaningful T-shirt adorned with your “solo summer” mantra, a piece from the ALEX AND ANI Summer collection to recall your peaceful beach oasis, or the ALEX AND ANI Sand Dollar Charm Bangle to represent your individual growth and fulfillment.

Written by Brittany Dandy

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