Team USA is inspiring, but we’re on Team YOU. Amp up your fitness game with these powerful motivators. 


The summer Olympic games always deliver a dose of serious workout motivation: Watching the amazing athletes from Team USA compete — and seeing the satisfaction they get from performing to the best of their abilities — makes us want to slip into our workout clothes and get moving, too. Need even more inspiration? Here are a few other reasons to get physical this summer.

Outdoor Exercise Is Addictive
Science tells us there are major benefits to exercising outdoors. Researchers analyzed  data from a number of sources and concluded that exercising in nature was associated with “greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy, and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression.” (You’re out the door already, aren’t you?) Fitting in a sweat session outside also makes you more likely to exercise again. Scenic outdoor run, for the win!


Achieving #SquadGoals Is Easy
With the rising popularity of boutique fitness classes like Soul Cycle and Physique57, working out has changed from a dreaded lonely experience to an anticipated girls’ day out. It’s no wonder: a recent study suggests we enjoy physical activity more when we’re with other people. Even cooler? Social media has spawned a whole new world of #fitspiration to help you get and stay excited. So schedule a barre-to-brunch date and get ready for some group workout selfies.

Athleisure is Here to Stay
The athleisure industry has become a major presence in the fashion world, with brands like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Sweaty Betty offering power prints and flirty cut-outs that are cute enough to wear from studio to street. Top off your look with a few of our ALEX AND ANI Olympics-inspired charms. They look great with a Fitbit.


Moving More is a Major Mood Boost
Yet another way that exercise is magic: In a recent study, researchers discovered that participants who had done 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise reported feeling less sadness after watching the final clip from the movie The Champ than those who watched it and hadn’t worked out. It seems that exercise can help regulate emotions. Therefore, the next time you’re feeling down, try getting down in a Zumba class!

Written by Yelena Shuster.

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