A stylish, unexpected look is just a spin of the color wheel away. Prepare to stun with these gorgeous stacks.


If you haven’t explored color theory in a while, it’s time for a refresher course on the color wheel. The same color combinations that make a painting or a room sing can be used to make your accessories pop, too! Beyond the basics of primary and secondary colors, there’s shade, tone, tint, and saturation to consider. Try these four approaches to combining your colors to put together a unique, vibrant stack.

1. Complementary Colors: When you’re looking for contrast, find a favorite hue on the color wheel and pair it with its opposite. Think orange and blue or red and green. To pull off this creative style, choose one base color (consider starting with the main color of your outfit), then add bangles from our Color Palette Collection in complementary colors. Consider wearing a striking purple and yellow outfit accented with a stack that includes the bold purple of the Wildberry Marble Wrap and a splash of yellow from the Mango Pebble Wrap. Wear the colored bangles on their own or layer in your favorite charm bangles—the symbolism of each piece makes for an even more personalized style statement.


2. Split Complementary Colors: The split complementary palette is made by taking a base color and then pairing it with two colors directly next to its opposite color. So instead of wearing green and red, you’d wear green with red-orange and red-violet. This may look like a more adventurous combination than complementary pairings, but is actually a little easier to pull off, since these adjacent colors are softer than a primary color. Select one or two bangles in your base color palette (use your clothing as a guide), then select a bold split complementary bangle or charm. For a bonus, pull the look together with a pop of color in your necklace, too.

3. Triadic Colors: A triadic look, as the name implies, consists of three colors that are equally spaced from one another on the color wheel. Think red, blue, and yellow, or teal, red-orange, and purple. The trick to avoid this looking too busy is to allow one color to dominate (maybe in the top you’re wearing) and use the other two as accents (in your stack, your handbag and/or your shoes).


4. Analogous Colors: Analogous colors are those that sit right beside each other on the color wheel, like red and red-purple, yellow and lime, vivid orange and light tangerine. Putting analogous colors together creates a harmonious, subtle style combination. Consider wearing a pretty lilac dress with a gorgeous indigo stack of three to five bangles, including the Indigo Wave Color Infusion Cuff.

Use this color wheel calculator to generate the shades, tones, and hues that form a perfectly paired stack!

Written by Shannon O’Donnell

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