Maximize your New Year with mini resolutions that make keeping self-promises surprisingly simple.


This year, get a fresh start by making 12 monthly, mini, manageable resolutions. Keeping your self-promises has never been so easy and fun (and if some of them become a habit long after the month is over, even better!). Let’s count down together: 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!

January: Free Up Space
Clear physical and mental clutter to make room for the new. Each day during this first month of the year, vow to toss one item or idea that no longer serves you, from those shoes you’ve only worn once to a negative self-judgment.

February: Love the Ones You’re With
Steal Cupid’s arrow and show more love to everyone around you: Your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, even those you don’t know. It can be as simple as offering a kind word or smile. Or share your heart with someone you love with the ALEX AND ANI Best Friends Set of 2 Charm Bangles, which benefits the American Heart Association.

March: Make a Fresh Start
The start of spring is the perfect time for a little personal fine-tuning. Devote March to reimagining your life, your health, your style, and your heart. Make a wish list, then take one step each day to achieve your goals.

April: Save the Planet
Show off your do-good spirit and perform one Earth-friendly act each day: Recycle your plastics, ride your bike to work, or spend a tech-free evening at home once a week.

May: Smell the Roses
There’s beauty all around — the secret is remembering to stop and take it in. This month, take a moment to delight in every flower, bird, bug, and all the miracles that blossom around you. Let a piece of ALEX AND ANI LOTUS PEACE PETALS Jewelry  be your daily reminder.

June: Master a Skill
In the spirit of June graduation season, be a student and explore a passion or new interest: Enroll in a pottery class, become certified as a yoga instructor, or start learning to speak French.


July: Get Patriotic
Honor your nation by keeping up on current events, supporting veterans, saying yes to jury duty (without grumbling!), lending a hand with community events, and sporting the ALEX AND ANI Heart Flag Pin.

August: Treat Yourself
Embrace the lazy days of summer with a little “me” time. Carve out an hour a day for a quiet coffee moment, morning meditation, your favorite spin class, or a soothing spa treatment.

September: Get Back on Track
Channel September’s back-to-school mindset by adding some structure to your life. Get eight hours of shut-eye, download an organizational app, and work those fruits and veggies into every meal.

October: Switch Things Up
Celebrate autumn’s transformative spirit by giving yourself or your home a makeover. Try a new hair color, invest in a classic “go-to” handbag, or spruce up a room with a fresh coat of paint.

November: Give Thanks
Opportunities for gratitude surround us every day. During this season of Thanksgiving, start each morning by acknowledging one of your many unique blessings.

December: Celebrate Life
The holidays are the ideal time to catch up with loved ones. Take a week-long time-out to enjoy moments with family and friends and live in the now with expressions of love and positivity.

Written by Anna Pezik

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