We absolutely love hearing heartwarming stories from our fans about how much our (+) Energy brand means to them! One of our fans, Amanda, shared with us how Alex and Ani played a role in the happiest day of her life! Read on to find out more…

On June 28, Amanda’s boyfriend, Greg, told her that he was going to take her to Boston to re-create their first date. When he picked her up from work she noticed an Alex and Ani shopping bag in the car with him, but thought nothing of it, as Greg was known for surprising her with Alex and Ani bangles before. Unbeknownst to Amanda, this particular gift was more surprising and special than the others that had come before it.

Greg drove them to Globe, a trendy little café, located in downtown Boston and told Amanda that she would be “so proud” of him for the gift he had gotten her. The anticipation built as they neared the end of their romantic dinner since Greg had told Amanda she couldn’t open the bag until after they’d left the restaurant.

After exploring a little bit more of the Boston nightly-scene, Greg and Amanda reminisced about their first date – realizing how far they’d come since that day. Finally, the moment Amanda had been waiting for was here – she could open the gift. She opened the bag to find a Russian Silver Claddagh bangle. Greg then told Amanda how this bangle was especially significant because he had gotten it engraved. She turned the bangle over to find the words “Will you marry me?” etched into it. As she became overcome with emotion, Greg got down on one knee and proposed.

We feel so blessed that Amanda and Greg shared this memorable milestone with us and that Alex and Ani was able to be a part of it. We wish them nothing but the best and a lifetime of happiness together! xo




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