When is the last time you went shopping and didn’t stand in line? Aside from select elite, few stores have yet to introduce mobile solutions for the traditional checkout process, but just in time for the holiday mayhem, all Alex and Ani stores are rolling out the new technology to improve the customer experience. What does this mean for you exactly? The technology is designed to improve service and response times further tailoring the (+) positive energy experience.

The technology behind Alex and Ani’s mobile point-of-sales solution was jointly developed by Mobiquity and Alex and Ani and delivered on Daily Systems’ iAPS sled for iPod touch. Alex and Ani’s new mobile payment, or mPayment option, provides credit card swiping, bar code scanning and printing capabilities, allowing a customer to sign and receive a copy of the credit card receipt at the time of purchase and later receive an itemized sales receipt via email. Prior to using this new mPayment solution, Alex and Ani’s “Bangle Bartenders’ assisted customers at registers, away from the sales floor and merchandise. Now checkout is more efficient, as sales associates will use the sleds directly at the point of sale on the floor. As for what’s next to improve the customer experience, you’ll just have to keep visiting us to find out.

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