It’s All in the Name: How to Pronounce Alex and Ani

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce “Alex and Ani?” If so, you are not alone! We have received numerous inquiries asking us for the correct pronunciation of our beloved brand. In fact, after our commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVIII, hundreds of fans tweeted about how they have been pronouncing it incorrectly all this time!


So, how exactly is it supposed to be pronounced? “Alex” is said as it normally is. However, the tricky part is “Ani,” which is pronounced “AH-KNEE.” The unique name and pronunciation is a combination of the first names of of ALEX AND ANI Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer, Carolyn Rafaelian’s two eldest daughters. Some people believed it was pronounced “Annie,” which led to their confusion when they heard it in the commercial.



We hope this helped clear up any confusion, and we are happy you took the time to find out the way we intended it to be pronounced.

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Thank you for your continued support of our brand and mission to spread positive energy!

This post was written by Brendon Cunha with additional reporting by Julie Pennell.

This post was written by Brendon Cunha