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U.S. Air Force: With three imperative core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all actions, the Air Force symbolizes courage. The Air Force has a global vision to protect our country and our citizens across the world in all air spaces. Embrace the brave, adventurous energy of the Air Force charm as a loyal testament to the men and women who keep our skies safe.

U.S. Coast Guard: Built on loyal teamwork and devoted preparation, the Coast Guard protects American shores and citizens around the world. To be always ready is the promise the Coast Guard has made to the nation, to stay ready is the promise the service and its members have made to one another. Embrace the courageous energy of the United States Coast Guard Charm as a tribute to this patriotic, honorable force.

U.S. Marine Corps: With a strong commitment to develop quality citizens and defend our country at all costs, the Marines are a tight-knit force. Protecting our nation at home and our interests abroad, the Marines base their steadfast values on their motto, Semper Fidelis, meaning, “always faithful.” Channel the enduring commitment and strength of the Marines Charm as a proud symbol of patriotism.

U.S. Army: The embodiment of physical strength, emotional strength, and strength of purpose, the United States Army creates heroes. Ready to serve our country in any way at any moment, the Army is a patriotic community built on loyalty and respect. A symbol of endurance and skill, channel the energy of the Army Charm to stay strong in all endeavors.

U.S. Navy: A global force for good, the United States Navy serves as an essential force of stability in our interconnected world. With extraordinary people, leading technology, and incredible capabilities, the Navy positively impacts the globe. Embrace the valiant energy of the Navy Charm as a source of protection, pride, and honor.

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