History Lovers Unite: A Brief 411 on St. Joseph

Grab your greens, whites, and reds and get ready for a brief history lesson…

Earthly father to the son of God, St. Joseph is believed to have sent rains to Sicily, Italy, to wash away drought and famine, reviving the crops and hence initiating the day we celebrate today in his name. A day to feast, March 19th is dedicated to reveling in a famine-free age and paying respect to the compassionate and loving man and father.

» zeppoles from LaSalle Bakery in Providence, RI

Hailed as the day to honor Sicily’s patron saint, St. Joseph’s Day is steeped in Italian tradition; celebrated by feasting on customary Italian dishes and pastries. Just two days after St. Patrick’s Day, to mark this holiday, we Rhode Islanders travel to our local Italian bakeries in troths searching for the perfect zeppoles and any other delicious Italian treat we can get our hands on!

There you have it. Happy St. Joseph’s Day! We hope you enjoy all the blessings (and food) in your life. Celebrate today and every day…and treat yourself to a zeppole while you’re at it!

This post was written by Kourtney Maglione