We at Farm Aid are so excited about the Charity by Design Cowboy Boot Charm being released. For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, Farm Aid works to build a vibrant, family-farm centered system of agriculture in America — one that protects our natural resources, puts good food on our tables for healthy bodies, and strengthens our hometowns and our country.

Farm Aid is also the longest-running benefit concert in the world. The stage has been rocked by hundreds of iconic artists over the years, including founder Willie Nelson, board members Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews, as well as Kenny Chesney, Jack Johnson, Grace Potter, The Nocturnals and many, many more.

Our partnership with Alex and Ani is something new and thrilling for us, but the idea of a Cowboy Boot Bangle to represent our organization is something that is very deep in our roots. The Cowboy Boot symbolizes strength, dedication, independence and grit and we celebrate those same qualities in our family farmers!

You know the feeling you get when you’re ready to really stomp through something? A hard day, a long run, a big project, or what have you? You have your goal, you know you want it, you dig in your heels and you make it happen, no matter what. In the same way, family farmers are dedicated to growing the good, clean food we want, they are the caretakers of their animals and our soil and water, and they are the foundation of our local economies. How kick a$$ is that?

We so appreciate the opportunity to join the Alex and Ani Charity By Design family, and look forward to seeing the photos of #cowboyboot moments in your life!

Written by Cornelia Hoskin, Marketing Director, Farm Aid


For more information on Farm Aid and their mission please visit www.farmaid.org. To view the Cowboy Boot Bangle click here. Enjoy!

farm aid cowboy boot bangle
Courtesy of Farm Aid

farm aid cowboy boot bangle
Photo: Lancaster Farmland Trust

farm aid cowboy boot bangle
Courtesy of Farm Aid; [top image] Photo: Organic Valley

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