As our positive energy continues to spread, we are reminded of how much our wonderful fans mean to us. It is because of you that our message of self-empowerment, inner beauty, and awareness is resonating with people worldwide, and we are both grateful and blessed for your unwavering support.

Thanks to your love, we are launching a new blog series, Collection Inspiration. We want to give our fans a look into the mind of Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder and Creative Director, to show how her passion for helping others and belief in the power of symbolism translates into collections of positive energy products.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes of Alex and Ani!


What inspired this collection?

Light is an important source of inspiration for me. It is reflected on our wrists, in our spirits, and ultimately in our energy. We each have the power to radiate and this collection is based on this idea – adorning yourself with Glitz and Garland. It epitomizes the warm feelings of the holidays and our ability to glow with confidence.

What feelings does this collection evoke?

Glitz and Garland is a rendezvous of shimmer, elegance, and poise. The holidays are filled with festivity and sparkling moments. Inspired by these lavish experiences, this collection evokes feelings of warmth and merriment.

Why did you choose the color palette?

The color palette has a variety of shades of graphite, cocoa, copper, and ice. We receive many requests for rosy hues and find that many are drawn to shimmering neutrals around the holiday season.

What do you love about this collection?

I love that Glitz and Garland is bright, festive, and timeless. These pieces will stand out in the holiday season but will continue to bring joy all year long. Each is a reminder to shine brightly. Glitz and Garland epitomizes the bright blessings of the holiday season.

What can we expect?

Expect confident pieces that are a bright addition to your wrist or a dazzling gift for the stand out individuals on your shopping list this holiday season.

Shop the Glitz and Garland collection.

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Written by Brendon Cunha