Ever feel like you’re out of sorts and can’t quite put your finger on why? Or, experienced aches and pains, even fallen sick, seemingly out of nowhere? It’s possible that your vital energy was blocked from fully flowing through one or more of your chakras. According to yogic tradition, we each have seven chakras, or energy centers, that extend from the base of our spine to the top of our head. These centers receive energy from the vibrations of our surroundings and connect our body with our consciousness. When the chakras are balanced and in alignment, energy flows easily through our body and maintains both physical and mental health. However, if our chakras are not balanced, our energy flow becomes disturbed and can result in physical or emotional ailments.

One way to balance our chakra system is by drawing-in the energy we receive through the vibrations of color. Each chakra rotates energy at a different vibration and can be stimulated by the spectral color’s wavelengths that vibrate at the same frequency. For example, the root chakra is associated with the color red because they share the same vibration pattern. When we process the color red, our root chakra becomes stimulated and balanced by the shared vibrational frequency. When we lack that stimulation, our root chakra will operate at a lower frequency and become blocked from giving off an optimal level of energy to the body.


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Written by Brendon Cunha