Carrie Underwood Meets Her Biggest Fan

Carrie Underwood is one of the fastest rising music stars in the country. The singer made country music history right off the bat with her best-selling solo female debut album, and she has gone on to win numerous awards, from Grammys to Billboard Music Awards, and even a Guinness World Record.

Recently, Carrie Underwood’s biggest fan, Corinna Calise, had the opportunity to meet the country singer before her show in Providence, RI. Corinna is local to Rhode Island and has worked for years to raise awareness and funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

When Carrie Underwood announced her Play On Tour, it was perhaps luck that had her selecting Providence as one of the first handful of cities where she would perform. When Corinna learned that Carrie would play a show in Providence, she decided to prepare a very special gift for the singer – a personalized ALEX AND ANI bangle set with her initials and zodiac sign.


Corinna used elements from our Zodiacs Collection – which provides a powerful way to connect to your astrological being while tapping into your inner strength – and our Initials Collection, which is timeless, distinctive, and personal. All combined, the gift spoke volumes about Corinna’s affection for this talented singer who has wowed the world with her ability to crossover from country music into becoming one of the world’s most successful artists across genres.

During their time together before the show, Corinna presented Carrie with this thoughtful gift. Corinna’s mother Michelle said, “Miss Underwood was all smiles when she received her special bracelets from ALEX AND ANI. Check out her great smile! [She] said she couldn’t wait to wear them!!!”

We wish Carrie the best of luck on all of her future tours, and we hope that her bangles remind her of the friends she has here in Rhode Island.

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