Behind the Scenes: Alex and Ani World Headquarters

Welcome back for another look into Alex and Ani World Headquarters! This week, we’re showing our fans the attention to detail present throughout our office, even where you least expect it.


Our World Headquarters is a sacred space full of symbols to protect and guide all who enter. From the Atlantean fountain at the entrance to the suspended symbols featured in a previous post, we aim to promote positive energy throughout the office.

Our conference room, a place where many wonderful ideas are born, features a fan favorite symbol, the Path of Life. The glass cabinet that houses our projection system is adorned with two small silver Path of Life knobs on the doors. What a great way to remind us of the wonderful journey we’re on each time we gather for a meeting!

Not only is the Path of Life our most popular symbol, it’s available to our fans in multiple forms to best fit your mood and taste. From bangles, to candles, to wine charms, the Path of Life is sure to keep you grounded as you navigate the twists and turns of your personal journey.

Experience the Path of Life Now.


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This post was written by Brendon Cunha