Welcome back for another look into Alex and Ani World Headquarters! This week, we’re showcasing the entrance to our office, complete with two powerful symbols of protection.


As guests walk past reception into World Headquarters, they are immediately greeted by twin greyhound statues to the left. Perfectly poised and ever watchful, these twin dogs are majestic guardians of our sacred space. Between the greyhounds is a two-toned wooden table adorned with a flowering plant. It provides a hint of color and reflects nicely off the circular mirror hung behind it.

Searching for protection in your own life? The Eye of Horus, a fan favorite, is associated with healing properties, reasoning abilities, and powers of protection. It’s available in bangles, earrings, and necklaces, making it ideal for your preference.

There’s also Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, who symbolizes strength, protection, and aid during challenging times. Surround yourself with his powerful presence to guide and protect you.

Shop the Eye of Horus, Saint Christopher, and all of our collections.


Want more? Be sure to check back each week for another look inside Alex and Ani World Headquarters!

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Written by Brendon Cunha