Welcome back for another look into Alex and Ani World Headquarters! This week, we’re featuring our suspended symbols, one of the most eye-catching facets of our office.


Hung high above a section of World Headquarters are three oversized versions of our most popular symbols, the Fleur de Lis, Path of Life, and Four Leaf Clover. Each one is meant to evoke certain feelings and bring positive energy to our office.

Fleur de Lis – Standing for regality, faith, and renewal, the Fleur de Lis is a representation of your faith in the changes and regeneration of life. If you look closely at the center tip, you may see a set of initials that are particularly close to us!

Path of Life – Symbolic of strength, motivation, and knowledge, the Path of Life illustrates life’s twists, turns, and unexpected winds. It resonates with virtually everyone on some level and stands for infinite possibilities.

Four Leaf Clover – Emblematic of blessings, fortune, and prosperity, the Four Leaf Clover is a widely recognized symbol. It is traditionally associated with four blessings: faith, hope, love, and luck, which are represented in small symbols at each leaf.


These symbols are available in a few different forms, our signature expandable wire bangles and our new candle collection, Light and Ignite, giving our fans multiple ways embrace our positive energy!

Shop the Bangle Bar Collection and our Light and Ignite Candle Collection.


Want more? Be sure to check back each week for another look inside Alex and Ani World Headquarters!

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Written by Brendon Cunha