As you know by now, ALEX AND ANI is all about the Positive Energy! Each piece of our product is infused with it, we believe in the power of it, and we make it our mission to spread it. It’s this energy that keeps us creating meaningful products you love and share with the world!

When you wear jewelry that has been infused with this energy, you will feel it within yourself. It has been inside of you this whole time, of course, but each piece you wear will help inspire you to bring the energy out if it’s not already being used. We all have positive energy within us, we just have to be reminded sometimes that it’s there.


Check out the four below bangles to encourage positivity in all its forms:

Hand of Fatima Charm Bangle – The Hand of Fatima is an ancient talisman that has been used to defend against negative energy. When you wear it, the symbol deflects the evil eye away from you and is believed to channel the forces of good.

Buddha Charm Bangle – Buddha’s teachings focus on living a happy and peaceful life with joy and compassion. This piece will inspire you to radiate light with everything that you do and search for enlightenment in your own soul.

Love Charm Bangle – They say love is all you need, and when it comes to positive energy, it is a strong force. Find inner happiness and joy with love – both given and received. When love is present, good things happen.

Breath of Life Charm Bangle – When you inhale, breathe in hope, love, and positivity. When you exhale, breathe out worry, hate, and negativity. All living things breathe, and we all share the same air. We are connected through this process. Embrace the breath of life, and know that each inhale and exhale can be a meditation for a positive life.

Share the love and spread the positive energy with others with our CHARITY BY DESIGN collection.


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