Welcome back for another beauty tip with our Director of Beauty, Joseph Allaire. While we talked fragrance during the holidays, this tip has us exploring vacation fragrances.

As the warm weather approaches, many of you will go away. The anticipation builds until the day finally comes and you arrive at your destination. However, the trip inevitably ends and you’re left trying to hold on to the wonderful memories. Have you ever wished you could capture those precious moments in a bottle to relive whenever you want?

Over the years, I’ve traveled to dozens of countries researching essential oils and natural botanicals. In each new place, I bought a fine fragrance to wear during my stay. Since our sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that processes memory, as well as the portion responsible for emotions, by wearing a different fragrance in every country I visited, everything I experienced during the trip was recorded in my memory and connected to that particular scent.

Even though time has passed, whenever I want to reminisce about my travels, I simply spray one of the fragrances I wore back then. The scent instantly transports me back and stirs up the emotions connected with those memories. The next time you go on vacation, purchase a fine fragrance, wear it for the duration of your trip, and you will surely make memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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