Have things seemed off lately? If so, there’s an explanation – Mercury retrograde. This is when the planet Mercury slows down, causing us to feel not quite like ourselves. It often causes confusion among other things as Mercury controls how we process and interpret information. We may find ourselves forgetting things, not able to think or speak clearly, or even misplacing common items.

Mercury retrograde runs from February 6-28, which means the end is upon us. However, it’s an ideal time to get your bearings back and ride out the remainder with ease. Below are some products to help you regroup and face the last few days with clarity and positivity!


Buddha Charm Bangle – A reminder to look inside, Buddha helps us channel our limitless internal power. Wear this charm to reflect and experience the inner journey of discovery.

Path of Life Charm Bangle – Our most popular item, the Path of Life represents the twists and turns of life. Adorn yourself with this bangle as a reminder to trust your instincts and go with the flow.

Four Leaf Clover Charm Bangle  A symbol of prosperity, the Four Leaf Clover promotes good fortune. Wear this charm as a token of the blessings that fill your life with love and light.

Om Charm Bangle – A sound that resonates from within and envelops our being, the Om is a true symbol of oneness. Channel total clarity and truth with this powerful bangle.

Lotus Peace Petals Charm Bangle – The majestic lotus represents the progression of the soul. Channel its properties of illumination as you regroup and embrace the power of the Om within for cognitive balance.

Lucky Clover Charm Bangle – Thought to bring good things to whoever finds one, the Lucky Clover’s four leaves symbolize faith, love, hope, and luck. Channel good fortune with this lucky charm.

Seven Swords Charm Bangle – Representative of the seven Archangels, the Seven Swords is emblematic their beautiful world. Experience beauty and endless love with this radiant charm.

Light and Ignite Candle Collection – Do you prefer the power of aromatherapy? Our Light and Ignite collection of candles is the perfect remedy. They harness the power of our symbols through scent and feature a crackling wood wick for a multi-sensory, calming experience.


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Brendon Cunha
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