Alex and Ani believes in the power of positive energy and we want you to experience it when you’re at one of our retail stores. From the pleasant aroma of Scent 7, to the friendly conversation with the bartenders, we strive for a warm, inviting, and immersive atmosphere!

A large part of creating this positive environment is music, and our store soundtrack is no exception. Alex and Ani Entertainment, “the sound of (+) energy,” carefully creates these playlists to provide our fans with a broad sampling of uplifting music from both past and present eras.

In our new “Song of the Week” blog series, we will spotlight songs that resonate with us. We hope to introduce you to new, emerging artists and open your eyes to songs and genres you may not have heard of or considered otherwise. Read on to treat your ears to some positively perfect music and be sure to check back each Wednesday for a new song!


‘Don’t Look Back’ – Telepopmusik featuring Angela McClusky (2005)

This song is from a few years ago and holds a timeless quality. It’s calm, soothing vibe will ease the listener and may induce daydreaming. The music is textured to compliment the vocals of Angela McClusky perfectly. Alex and Ani Entertainment was first turned on to the song by Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder and Creative Director, and it became an instant favorite.

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Written by Brendon Cunha