Welcome to day four of our holiday gift guide! For those who want it to last forever, our (+) Color and Precious Metal collections are a must have. Made from Argentium Silver and 14k gold-filled metals, these pieces dazzle with an array of colors, charms, and styles.

• Spiritual Armor Expandable Wire Bangles
• Spiritual Armor Expandable Wire Rings
• Spiritual Imprint Bracelets
• (+) Color Leverback Earrings
• (+) Color Expandable Wire Bangles
• Gemstone Expandable Wire Rings
• Initial Expandable Wire Bangles
• Plain Thin or Thick Expandable Wire Bangles
• The Perfect Hoop Earrings

• Argentium Silver: Argentium Silver is a higher grade silver, is purer than traditional sterling silver and is the natural color of pure silver. Additionally, it is brighter and the whitest silver of sterling, platinum and white gold, has longer-lasting shine, is simple to clean, highly tarnish resistant, and created with recycled silver.
• 14K Gold-Filled: This refers to the amount of gold, 14K, that is chemically bounded to a base metal. All Alex and Ani expandable wire bangles and rings are made using Argentium Silver or 14K Gold-Filled. Metal makeup of each charm is specific to the SKU.
• Sterling Silver: Pieces are considered Sterling Silver when they contain at least 925 PPT (parts per thousand) pure silver or 92.5% silver content. All Alex and Ani pieces are stamped with the metal properties.

• Miraculous Medal: Grace | Compassion | Hope
• Four-Way Cross: Union | Blessing | Grace
• Sacred Cross: Faith | Hope | Love
• Cherub: Innocence | Beauty | Happiness
• Saint Christopher: Strength | Protection | Aid
• Virtuous Dove: Truth | Peace | Faith
• Floral Cross: Possibilities | Nature | Commitment
• Star of David: Creation | Spirituality | Union
• Our Guardian Angel: Divinity | Power | Support
• Sacred Heart of Jesus: Sacrifice | Love | Guidance
• Celtic Cross: Self | Wisdom | Faith
• Happy Buddha: Optimism | Enlightenment | Joy
• Eye of Horus: Protection | Light | Reason
• Rose of the Blessed Mother: Healing | Enlightenment | Divinity
• Hand of Fatima: Positivity | Abundance | Faith
• French Royalty: Regality | Faith | Renewal
• Cross: Life | Union | Immortality
• Presence of Angels: Faith | Blessing | Support
• Dove in Heart: Truth | Peace | Faith

(+) COLOR:
• Blue: Harmony: Throat Chakra
• Indigo: Intuition: Third Eye Chakra
• Blue: Truth: Throat Chakra
• Violet: Spirituality: Crown Chakra
• Red: Endurance: Root Chakra
• Energy: Energy: Sacral Chakra
• Clarity: Clarity: Solar Plexus Chakra
• Yellow: Intellect: Solar Plexus Chakra
• Green: Healing: Heart Chakra
• Green: Love: Heart Chakra
• White: Illumination: Crown Chakra

• Garnet: Passion | Focus | Motivation
• Amethyst: Focus | Protection | Intuition
• Peridot: Balance | Confidence | Opportunity
• Blue Topaz: Individuality | Aspiration | Clarity
• Citrine: Insight | Revitalization | Optimism
• Smokey Quartz: Progress | Connection | Happiness

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Happy shopping and be sure to check back tomorrow for day five!


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