How Do You Celebrate Arbor Day?!

On Arbor Day, people are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Alex and Ani celebrates Arbor Day with the introduction of the Charity by Design “Tree Hugger” Bangle! In conjunction with African Rainforest Conservancy, Alex and Ani Charity by Design is extremely excited to announce the launch of this exclusive bangle!

With an awareness of the social, ecological, and environmental benefits of trees, a tree hugger appreciates nature’s blessings. Equipped with the knowledge that the world is what you make it, a tree hugger moves forward in life consciously, always aware of the importance of an environment. Embrace the organic energy of the Tree Hugger Charm as a reminder to protect our planet.

“On a personal level, this bangle reminds me of my friend Renee.  She is a true ‘tree hugger’ in the sense that she appreciates (and protects) her surroundings and all that is natural within our environment.  It’s people like Renee that will wear this bangle proudly to help spread awareness and promote conservational habits that will protect our sacred earth.” Nicki Castonguay, Vice President, Charity by Design

Alex and Ani – Charity By Design – Tree Hugger

“After a successful three-year run with the Tree of Life Bangle, ARC is thrilled to deepen its partnership with Alex and Ani with the newly launched Tree Hugger bangle. The proceeds from this bangle will allow ARC to plant an additional 10,000 trees in Tanzania’s Eastern Arc Mountains this year – giving communities tangible alternatives to cutting down the rainforest for timber, fuel wood, etc.” Kate McLetchie, Executive Director, African Rainforest Conservancy

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