Alex and Ani Charity by Design launches the “Let Creativity Rule” Bangle!

In conjunction with Unified Theater, Alex and Ani Charity by Design is extremely excited to announce the launch of the “Let Creativity Rule” bangle!

As a symbol of ability, artistry and collaboration, the “Let Creativity Rule” Bangle reminds us that we have the capability to create, inspire, and bring dreams to fruition. We can succeed when we let our intuition run wild. We can embrace outlandish ideas to design relatable art. We can encourage imagination. We can empower the right sides of our brain. We can let creativity rule!

“From our Rhode Island roots to our passion for all things inspirational, our desire to help people connect with each-other and the world around them to our celebration of creativity — the alignment between Alex and Ani and Unified Theater is so wonderfully strong and we are so excited to have this partnership around our bangle.” – Micaela Connery, President and Founder, Unified Theater

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